Half-Marathon Plans

As you may have figured out, my life lately pretty much consists of (1) being at work, and (2) running. Yes, I manage to fit a few other things in--a half-hour of piano here and there, quality time with the hubster, bathroom breaks--but mostly my life has been 85% work.

I was starting to have mixed feelings about running my half-marathon this weekend. I knew I was going to have to work on Saturday, even if it meant showing up at noon, and sweaty and stinky as all get-out. No, I'm not a workaholic or married to my job ... it's just that I know the work has to be the priority for the next couple of months, and I've accepted that.

Then yesterday we went into "emergency" "must-program-at-last-minute" mode on one of the projects I'm working on. Basically, the programmer discovered something that could have turned into a real problem down the road. So it's good that he discovered it, and it's good that we were able to start work to rectify it now rather than later, or not at all.

Still, it took time. I have an October 15 deadline (that's Monday, folks) and about two weeks' worth of work to complete in that time. It'll get done, somehow. I've been seriously buckled down for weeks now, and I just need to buckle down some more.

Today is Wednesday. Barring any more "emergency" "must-program-at-last-minute" situations, I'm still up against the clock, big time.

We're not allowed to be in the office Sundays, which is probably a good thing. But I really need to put in some hours this weekend (in addition to the 10-hour days I'm putting in this week).

What to do, what to do? I have a half-marathon to run Saturday morning. I am so completely not in the mood for it. I so want to just get my work completed and be able to relax for a couple of days before gearing up for the next big deadline.

My thoughts are this:

1. Go to work on Saturday morning, work all day, and get everything done that I can.

2. Wake up Sunday morning. Run a half-marathon for my Worldwide Half race.

3. Take it easy Sunday afternoon, knowing I've done everything I can at work, and knowing I've participated in my first Worldwide Half. Clean house a little bit, read a little bit, and rest up for the hectic week ahead (next deadline is the end of October).

Of course, I don't like the idea of missing out on the fun of a road race (I'm starting to like road races, strangely enough). I'm thinking I'll go ahead and continue my training regimen and run the Thunder Road Half again in December. There's always the chance that work responsibilities will get in the way again, but then again, they might not.


Joan said…
I just read the Worldwide website. Very interesting. I wish I was a little further along in my training to participate. It's going so well that I'm scared to push it. I think your plan sounds like the best solution under the circumstances. Afterwards think about what you've accomplished not what you've missed. I enjoy entering races, too. It has always helped my training to have a future event on my calendar. Good luck with all your work.

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