60-Hour Work Weeks

I knew it was coming.

It's development season. My boss sent out an e-mail to everyone yesterday, saying that we need to be putting in 50-55 hour weeks, plus Saturdays, for the next few months.

They told me when I interviewed for the job that this would happen. I accepted the job knowing I would eat, sleep, breathe, and poop software for four to five months of the year.

I'm kind of excited about it, in the way I always got excited about exam week in college. Something in me loved exam week. Something in me got high on the madness of it.

Five months is a long time. I think I'm up for it. I have to be up for it. I have my writing schedule, and I have my running schedule. I'm planning to run a Thanksgiving Turkey Trot, and I may well train for a March half-marathon. Just to keep myself sane and motivated through the fatigue and the cold.

The downside: No long-weekend getaways until March. No short-weekend getaways until March. Late nights. I'll miss Hubster, George the Piano, Beau the Cat, Franzi, Sebastian, Dr. House, and Detective Stabler. Ah, the men in my life.

The upside: Overtime pay, baby. Overtime pay. Money isn't always a priority for me (as my dear Hubster will lament), but it is for now. And I'm thankful to have a job that provides it.

It helps that I like the job, too, and the people I work with.

Time to get to work.


Joan said…
Good luck with your new workload. It appears you have a good attitude about it. I remember right before and during exams my time was precious. I was on a strict schedule. After they were over, I felt disoriented.
I hope to run Thanksgiving day with my son in our Gobbler 5k. We've done it before. He starts way ahead of me, finishes, and rests for about 20 minutes until I show up. That's okay.

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