Working Out My Thoughts

Just trying to work out my thoughts about the split. I'll post more later.

Update ... Wednesday Afternoon ...

OK, I was sick to my stomach last night. Didn't know if I'd be able to come to work today or not. And I think all the stomach sickness is a result of split-related stress. I so want to write about this but haven't had an opportunity because work has been brutal for three weeks now.

So maybe some of the sickness is due to all the thousands of words stuck inside my body, words that want to come out through my fingers and onto the keyboard and screen, but are bottled up because I haven't written in so long.

It's happened before. Stay tuned. I hope to write more on the split, and my thoughts about it, soon.


Stacey said…
That stinks, cuz. I've been in a church during a split like that and it gets ugly. People seem to lose ALL perspective and just want to be right. Sorry you're gonna have to go through that.
Joan said…
I am the business manager for an Episcopal church (not a member) and this denomination has certainly been faced with issues causing parishioners to leave. I'm actually United Methodist. Because we change pastors on average of every 6 years, it makes our church more member driven than pastor driven. We have those who don't like a minister, make waves then won't attend until the next minister arrives. My husband has been attending regularly but I have not. I'm trying to work through issues. It seems every time our church takes 1 step forward then it takes 2 steps backwards usually because of disgruntled members. I was treasurer for 6 years meaning I paid all the bills, process payroll etc. I've gotten tired of giving so much then seeing thing fall apart.

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