Where I've Been All this Time

I was blogless for three weeks. And I've lived to tell the tale.

I didn't miss my blog at first. I thought it might be some kind of divine intervention to break me of my technology worship ... I mean, it just seemed too weird and act-of-Goddish that our computer, our telephone, our television, our stereo, and my blog all ceased to work, all during the same weekend.

I felt relieved when that happened. A little shocked, a tiny bit saddened, but mostly relieved. I have never liked having a TV anyway. And I never answer the phone anyway. And the stereo is really Hubster's toy, not mine. Most of my music comes from my iPod, iTunes radio, podcasts, internet sites like Naxos.com, and George.

And I was glad the blog was gone. I felt free. I'd become so tired of the blog. I felt oddly thankful that it had been taken away from me by some mysterious technological hiccup--one that apparently spoke and wrote in Thai. And I always had my piano blog.

Even though I would miss the computer eventually, I had several glorious days of silence when I knew I couldn't check my e-mail, not at work, not at home, not anywhere unless I dragged my butt (and my laptop) to a coffee shop. Which I only did a couple of times.

Then I realized that our wireless connection was still strong as ever and I could access the internet from my laptop at home. But I still rarely even turned it on.

Then I started to feel sad that my blog was gone. Sure, I'd put a lot of time and effort (three years and more than 1600 posts!) into it, but I'd backed everything up just the day before. I had lost nothing except for comments, which was a disappointment of course, but not a huge deal in the great scheme of things, at least blog-wise. I hadn't even lost my blogroll--it's all on Bloglines anyway.

But I missed y'all, dear readers, and I missed sharing my thoughts, insignificant and petty as they often are. So I finally wrote to Blogger and said, "Hey Blogger people, do you think you can figure out what happened to my blog?" And Nick of the Blogger Team got it back for me.

I've read, written, and responded to almost no e-mails for several weeks. No offense to anyone personally. It's been partly because of my unintended "technology fast," and partly because my job keeps me unbelievably focused. I like the job and am enjoying being part of the "team." It's not like my old job, where I was looking for every excuse to blog or e-mail or otherwise play because the work itself bored me to tears.

So, I don't know how much I'll be posting these days. But it's good to have my blog back.

P.S. Odd ... many of the words in this post didn't exist, or weren't know to me, ten and twenty years ago.


Stacey said…
Bad stuff always happens to us in multiples.

Last year when I went in the hospital with Ace, Stella got a bladder stone, the Jeep broke down, and the laptop stopped working. Sheesh.
Jammie J. said…
I'm glad you finally missed me, because I missed you! :D

Hehe... your saying that the words in this post didn't exist 20 years ago made me think of an older lady I saw sitting in a wheelchair when I came out of the doctor's office a couple weeks back. There she sat, in her wheelchair, with a cell phone in her hand that she was single-handedly using to send a text message to someone. Very strange indeed.
joan said…
I thought your blog had been taken over by someone else. That happened to another blogger earlier in the year. take care.
It's good to see you back, Waterfall. May your journey be filled with the grace of God, wherever your feet roam. Blessings.

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