Six Miles

According to my training schedule, I'm supposed to start running fewer miles this week since the Worldwide Half is just a couple of weeks away. But it's hard to cut back when one finally starts getting one's mojo back. I ran a warm-up mile before starting my actual tempo run, and I felt great the whole time. Then for my tempo run, I ran five miles in 46:23, which I was pretty happy about. That's an average pace of 9:16, which isn't too shabby for me, considering it was a 5-mile run. I was only supposed to run 4 today, but ended up running 6 ... oh well.

My half-marathon is in two weeks. That's hard to believe. I guess I need to get around to signing up for it.

I LOVE running. Running has been such a challenge for months now--partly because of the heat, and partly because it's so hard to motivate myself to run after sitting on my butt in Cubicle Land all day long. But I've kept running, and it's paying off. I had energy to burn tonight.

That makes eight miles for the week so far. I'm running five tomorrow, then twelve on Friday since I won't be able to run on Saturday or Sunday because I'll be travelling. I hope my knees don't complain too much about running 23 miles in three days.

Have I mentioned that I LOVE running?


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