My Most Boring Life

I got to meet the company's Head Honcho today, as well as Head Honcho #2 (Shoulder Honcho?) What does the word "honcho" come from, anyway?

Here's what Bartleby tells us:

I would have thought it was Spanish.

So anyway, when I met the Shoulder Honcho, he shook my hand and said he'd "heard a lot about me." I think that's good. When I met the Head Honcho himself, he asked me what my job was. He was a nice fellow, though. Both of them are nice fellows.

I think I'm doing a pretty good job at this job so far. I won't think of myself as "successful" at it until I've met my deadlines and turned out a good product. But so far, things are good.

There's really not much to write at the moment. I'm writing in the mornings, I'm working hard at my job, I'm commuting two hours a day (with absolutely no traffic ... aaahhh), I'm practicing piano at lunch, I'm getting my training miles in, and I'm currently enjoying a smooth glass of Pinot Noir and gazing over at the lovely Hubster as he nibbles on pretzels and watches The Weather Channel.

Life is going through a mundane phase, I guess. I'm not complaining.


Jammie J. said…
Gotta store up the mundane for cushion when the storms hit! :)
I'm so glad you're in a good spot these days.
Joan said…
I'm tired from reading about your routine.

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