I Like My Job

I like my job. I love the fact that I don't love my job. The network folks monitor employees' internet rambles, so I'm sure I'll get "caught" sooner or later for blogging.

Thing is, I punch out before I blog, and I punch in after I finish blogging. I work hard at this job. I work from the moment I walk in until the moment I leave, save for the 45 minutes or so I take mid-day to commune with Sebastian, Franzi, Bob, and the rest of them. The only bad thing I'm really doing is using the company system for blogging.

I work for a good company. I have a good, laid-back boss, and I work with some really great people. I've made some friends. Life is good.


eArThworm said…
Only you can decide what's best for you. But I found it a great way to keep up with a friend's life. Don't know how well I would have kept up, otherwise. And...I love reading your writing!
platitudinal said…
Life is good when work climate is enjoyable. I'm in the same position in my life at the moment ... great co-workers, a supervisor who doesn't care whether you knit/read as long as I do and finish my job, and decent benefits ... eventhough what I'm doing has nothing to do with my degree at all.

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