I Got Some New Shoes

I went to Jus' Running yesterday because I needed new running shoes and was somewhat surprised to learn that New Balance no longer makes 1222s. And the 1223s are ugly and cost even more than the 1222s.

The 1223s are supposed to be really good shoes, but I've been needing to find a new non-1200-series pair. So I figured yesterday was the day. Even though the 1222s were the only comfortable pair I could find that comes in a 6.5 2A.

But I was a little sad. I guess they call the company "New Balance" because they're always bringing out NEW versions of old favorites, always keeping their customers just a little off BALANCE, never letting them sink too deeply into the easy chair of shoe-wearing habits.

I guess that's a good thing.

I ended up buying a pair of New Balance 858s, size 6.5 B. Strangely enough, they fit. Is it possible that all of this running has made my feet bigger?


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