It looks like "A Sort of Notebook" is an ex-blog. I'm not going to post a link to it because it's been taken over by spammers.

It's Saturday night and I love merlot. No, I'm not drunkly. I went to a 50th birthday party tonight and had two lovely glasses of merlot. Then we went to a toy store. (I should never go to a toy store after two glasses of merlot, and after running eight miles. I bought some yellow teeth, a remote-control fart machine, two crazy pencils, and a present for my future niece who has yet to be conceived.)

We went to an art gallery earlier that happens to have a grand piano and I played the Bach Prelude. Oh my, but it's sounding nice!

Deborah (my piano teacher) has a grand (I can't remember the manufacturer. Forgive me.) that she wants to sell me for $8,800, or $100 a key. Hubster thinks that's too much. I told him it's a steal--we get the pedals, and the wood, and the wheels, and the bench for free!

Lightning struck last night. It fried our computer, our television, our stereo, and our telephone. I was thrilled. We could finally get rid of the T.V. and replace it with a piano. An $8,800 piano. But no. Would you believe, Hub has already bought a flat-screen TV to replace it? Poor Hub. But at least he called and asked my permission. I said, "No, I don't want a T.V.," but then I said, "But I love my Hubster, and my Hubster loves college football. Yes, dear, go ahead and get the T.V."

As soon as we get a house that doesn't have serious humidity problems, I'm getting myself an $8,800 grand. I can't wait.


Jammie J. said…
Boy, you're just having a time of it, aren't you? Your blog, then computer, TV, stereo and telephone? Man.

I have to say, though, I was never so thrilled but when I talked my husband into getting a projector rather than another HUGE TV. Now we have a box the size of a ream of paper and some speakers. Much easier to clean cat fur out from under and it was only $700. Hehe

BTW, I'll just change your link on my blog to this one. Thanks for letting me know. :)
eArThworm said…
Yikes! Can the blogspot folx do anything to re-capture your blog?
I miss it. Dang.
Belinda said…
Oh thank god you're still here! I just came back from holiday to find your blog wasn't your blog, and I was worrying about you. Phew!
Aduke said…
Hi!! I have been a faithful visitor for months...
Glad to have you back. Your blog is so inspiring. I also absolutely LOVE my piano.
Keep writing!
Linda said…
Well, I'm just as relieved as everybody else to read this great post. Thank you. I feel much better now. (You know my true feelings about the piano ... but I loved this post anyway! Lots of fun.

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