I Love Having a Job

I love having a job. I love having a paycheck. I feel rich. I don't think I've ever felt rich.

I'm a writer. When you're a writer, you make lots of money some years and next to nothing in other years.

The last few years have been next-to-nothing years. I have a lot to show for it--Jan's book is published, and our county far surpassed its Relay For Life goal for 2007, raising over $170,000, thanks in part to my publicity efforts. I have copies of a newspaper issue in which cancer survivors--and those who have suffered the loss of loved ones through cancer--are honored.

I made next to nothing while teaching, but because of that year at school, a small group of students are a little bit better at reading and writing than they might otherwise have been. And I don't think I'm being presumptuous in saying that some of them will have lifelong memories of their high school English class with me. (Some of those lifelong memories may not be good memories, but that's beside the point!)

In short, I have been able to use my writing and teaching skills to, as the cliche goes, make the world a better place. And I find great joy in that.

But ... I sure do love getting a paycheck.

I was able to buy wedding gifts for people tonight. Nice wedding gifts.

We've been able to give a lot more money to our church.

We've been able to give money to causes we've wanted to support in the past, but haven't been able to.

We aren't able to do this simply because I got a job. We've been living on a shoestring for the longest time in the effort to pay off credit card debts and other loans.

We're almost there. God willing, we'll owe no more on the credit card after another month or so. The only "credit" we'll have is our house payment.

We are richly blessed. God is good. Life isn't perfect, but life is a lot easier when money ceases to be a major stressor.

I love having a job.


Joan said…
Nice to read such a positive post. You seem to have the right priorities as well.
Ms. George said…
I love how happy you sound in this post. Congrats about Jan's book too (for all your work on it).
Jammie J said…
It's amazing how much stress $ can put on things. Debt free is the way to go, it's just a tough road getting there sometimes.
Jan said…
Say, it's a month later (and, HAPPY BIRTHDAY, you wacky, non-vacuuming Virgo, you) and you said you'd pay off your cards in a month. Are you debt-free? Time for more blogging! BIG celebration! ;-)
Waterfall said…
Hmmm ... I am a wacky, non-vacuuming Aquarian!

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