Tuesday, July 31, 2007

Has it Been a Whole Wide Week?

Oh, my. I forgot I had a blog. Can that happen? I guess I didn’t forget I had a blog. I just haven’t thought about posting since last Monday.

I’ve been slogging ever so doggedly, lost in a chalky fog of blogless days.

OK, I’ll stop waxing pseudo-poetic and being so asson-ine.

Have I been busy? Yes, mostly, but all in a “good-busy” way. I apologize (yet again) to those who are breathlessly awaiting my e-mail responses from a week or more ago. They keep me hoppin’ at this job. It’s a goodly job. I like it here. I could definitely stay here for a while. I’m actually looking forward to the “busy season,” which starts in about three months.

Here’s today’s Life Update …

Reading and Writing: I am reading about a million things. It doesn’t help that I bought 16 books (for $25!) at the library’s annual book sale last weekend. Also, I decided awhile back to study the entire Bible, really study it. So I’ve been on Philippians for a couple of weeks and started 1 Samuel (as part of a group) recently.

I’m having a blast. Few things make me happier than sitting in a circle of big, thick, musty old texts. (The Internet, much as I love it, just doesn’t compare.) Musty old books make me pine away for grad school, even though I didn’t really like grad school. At 5:00 this morning, my desk was overflowing with two Bible translations, a Bible dictionary, Strong’s Concordance, Greek translation notes, the American Heritage 3rd Edition, and, just for fun, an English etymological dictionary published in 1956 that I just bought at the library’s annual book sale. It’s the mustiest, fustiest, dustiest old thing, and I love it, love it, love it.

Then I stopped at 6:00 sharp and moved to the laptop to work on the structure revision of my novel. And that’s a whole ‘nother story.

Then I went to work. I got to conduct a meeting this morning. It was a good meeting. I was worried that I was going to hurt some feelings with what I had to say, but by the end of the meeting, we were all just bubbly with excitement about revision plans. I wonder if it helps that I do little Snoopy dances mid-meeting and exclaim, “See, that’s what’s so fun about a project like this!”

Maybe I’m just the most annoying tech writer alive. But my friend Weaz used to dance a happy dance whenever I would get assigned to a project he was working on, and it always made me more enthusiastic. So I don’t hold back when I get a hankerin’ to dance in the conference room. Maybe there is something to this corporate-dancing thing.

Writing and Editing: A few freelance editing jobs have trickled in, and Jan’s book is so very close to being ready to face the masses. I’m nervous for her, and for the little book—the sweet little book, so helpless and fragile, entering the big, bad world of book sales. Ah, but Jan’s had quite a boost lately that makes me wonder if she is destined for greatness: She’s now the star of a National Park Services A.T. Junior Ranger brochure. Go, Jan!

Running: Oh, my. Sadness. I have not been a good little runner of late. It’s all J.K. Rowling’s fault, I’m afraid. Oh, it’s a little bit my fault, too. It wasn’t smart of me to do a 9-mile long run last Sunday, then run again on Monday. I needed a few days off for rest and relaxation. But I am getting back to my training today. Fortunately I didn’t hurt a knee or anything like that. Now, if only the weather would cool down and dry up a bit.

Hubster: He comes home from summer camp this week. I can’t wait.

Piano: I couldn’t help but save the best for last. I can play the prelude and fugue. I can play them. At decent tempi, and with expression and with the little voices intertwining and everything. I can’t play them perfectly or anything … but I can play them well enough, and with enough confidence, that the experience of doing so is nothing short of transcendent. Liszt sounds great as well. Folks, I think I may be moving on to new pieces before much longer. Deborah is writing things like “Lovely!” and “Beautiful!” and “Very Good” in my notebook these days. That’s a good sign.

I’m no longer practicing on Thuddy Theodore. The folks at the church said to feel free to use the Steinway grand in the main sanctuary anytime. So now I need to think of a good name for the grand.

Today I worked on technique. Apparently my playing is too finger-y and not enough arm-y. I’m working on that. I think I’ve managed a few baby steps. I played the prelude rather arm-ily today, and I felt like I had lightning-bolt power coming out of my fingers. Kind of like the old Steinway and I were the Wonder Twins.

That’s it! I hereby christen the Steinway … (drum roll, please) … Zan the Grand!

Later, y’all!


CaliforniaTeacherGuy said...

Nothing thrills my soul like finding books for less than a buck. Looks like you and I have haunting library sales in common. Long may they live! (Library book sales, of course.)

Jan said...

Can I write in here?

Jan said...

Well, apparently I can.
THANKS for the plugs here, Editress, but I hope you've also told your folks how much help you were to me. By far the FUNNIEST tech writer on the planet. And congrats on the prelude and fugue, finger-y or not.

I love to read your stuff. Please, please, get thee to a novel-ry.

(My last word verification mtndubs) (I thought you would like that)

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