Thursday, July 19, 2007

Forgotten Music

I forgot my music this morning. Horror of horrors. I left Franzi and Sebastian and Robert (I'm learning a Schumann for my current intermediate piece) in a Lancome bag on my kitchen table. The poor fellows. They're probably breathing in humidity and cat dander as I type.

But I needed to play today. So I met up with Thuddy Theodore and played through some of the hymns in the piano edition of the Baptist Hymnal, which I assume is Theodore's favorite book because he always has it open, every single day.

[Note to anyone who plans on buying me a Christmas present this year: I would love my own copy of the piano edition of the Baptist Hymnal ...]

My, but hymns can sound really bad when the pianist has not practiced them in a while! But I played a few old favorites and it was like getting together with long-lost friends for a half-hour. Who knew that Thuddy Theodore was such good buddies with so many of my childhood companions?

OK, back to work. Goodbye, Thuddy Theodore! Goodbye, hymns! Goodbye, blog-readers! Goodbye, mush and that big lady rabbit whispering hush! So long and farewell!

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