Beat Up

I've been feeling really beat up during and after my runs lately. I'm not running long distances--4 miles for normal days, and only 6 miles for long runs. Not a big deal. But it's taking all I have just to go a few miles.

I think there are two reasons for this: diet and heat.

I'm not eating enough. Despite my first pig-out day in months this weekend, I'm failing to get even 1,200 calories in me most days. Not a good thing when one is training for a half-marathon. But I just haven't been hungry. It's so hard to eat when I'm not hungry. I do eat, but it's generally stuff like apples and bananas and raw broccoli spears and baby carrots. The last thing I want is a heaping bowl of pasta.

The other reason is the heat. Of course, I think the heat is part of what's making my appetite so small. It's not that hot here, but it's been really humid, and humidity is worse than heat for draining a body of energy.

I'm actually glad I waited until yesterday to do my long run. I took Friday and Saturday "off" from running, and I probably needed the rest. But I need to start eating more. It's a new week. Maybe this week will be better.


Stacey said…
Humidity definitely makes everything worse. Is there any way you can run on a treadmill or at a gym?
Brad Williams said… want to talk about heat, do you? :)

My respect has grown for you by leaps and bounds. I just finished the 26 mile loop in Ouachita National Forest in Arkansas, and I can't imagine how you persevered all the way through the AT. The ticks alone nearly drove me mad.
Joan said…
I sure felt the humidity here this past week compared to the week before. I'm having to get up earlier and earlier to beat the heat.
Sherry said…
Just start at 4:30 am like I do. Humidity is great. No sun to make it feel humid.

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