Why No One Has Heard from Me

I am working a lot and cannot access my personal e-mail or Blogger from work (probably a good thing. Yes. Definitely a good thing.)

I'm awash in galley proofs of "The Ordinary Adventurer." It's very exciting, seeing the actual text of the actual book. I'm reading through and setting right every last misplaced comma, weeding out every last extraneous period, snipping every last embarrassingly dangling modifier, and generally pruning this just-before-final edition of anything that just isn't quite right.

Y'all, this is going to be a good book. I'm not just saying that because I edited it (would that I had that much confidence!) or because the author, a fine writer herself, is a friend of mine, but because it's just going to be a good book.

So, my apologies (again) to all who are wondering where I've been. When you see this book (and you are going to buy it, aren't you?), you'll understand. (When you do read it, be sure you notice how well-placed the commas and semicolons are!)


Sherry said…
Yes, but do any sentences end with prepositions? And I say that in a completely non-confrontational manner. Who ever made up that rule anyway? There are some sentences you just can't end any other way.

Can't wait to read the book!
Why, yes, I'll read it. I wouldn't miss it, knowing that a pro has edited the work, placing each comma and semicolon with exquisite care!
Jammie J said…
It's just good to see you around, even moreso because you're so punctuation conscious. :P
gaga said…
very good site :)

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