Week Three of Corporate America-hood

Week Three was good. I'm liking cube life. Not a lot going on here in my corner of the world besides that. Here's a roundup:

1. I'm practicing piano regularly again. Yee-hi! I'm trying, with a little bit (but not a lot) of success, to revive The NAPS Blogger.

2. My new job rocks so far. I'm becoming a FrameMaker junkie. In my field, it's good to be a FrameMaker junkie. I'm glad I'm having to learn it for this job.

3. Jan's book is inching ever closer to publication. Stay tuned (just a little longer).

4. Linda's book, Kindergarten Countdown, is coming out July 10! Congratulations, Linda!

5. I haven't worked on my novel in several days (mainly because I've had another writing job--one with a deadline--to do), but I've been itching to get back to it. That's good. If I ever get to the point where I'm not itching to get back to it, then I'll know I'm in trouble.

6. The toilet water at my new job is blue. Blue. And it smells good. How cool is that?

7. Speaking of the toilet at work ... I can drink as much water (my water ... not toilet water) as I want, and pee whenever I want, as often as I want, at this job. I never dreamed I would appreciate such a thing, but after (1) being a teacher, and (2) working in retail, I've learned that it's a real treasure to be able to hydrate, dehydrate, and rehydrate at one's leisure.

8. I clap a lot at my job. I'll be sitting at my desk, and then I'll figure something out in FrameMaker, or come up with a cool new icon, or take a screenshot with FullShot, and I'll just get so excited that I break out into applause. I hope others do not find it too annoying.

9. I've kept up with my running. I start training for the Phedippidations Second Annual Worldwide Half-Marathon Challenge next week. Anyone wanna run it with me?

10. Life hasn't been a bed of roses lately, but I've had a real "it-is-well-with-my-soul" kind of peace about me, and that's been a blessing. My first instinct is to believe it is a spiritual thing, but then my inner cynic reminds me that it's probably just that sense of security and contentment that comes with having a regular paycheck combined with a non-stressful job.

That's about it from this side of the mountain. Tonight is Piano Frenzy night, and George is a-calling.


I completely concur with No. 7! Elementary teachers, particularly, must have bladders of steel--something for which I have never been known myself. Nothing beats a good pee whenever you have to pee. And nothing is more excruciating than having to "hold it" until recess or the next bell!
Joan said…
I understand about #7 too! We're having construction at work and I have to go through a hard hat area to pee.
gwen said…
I like "it is well with my soul spiritually." When all else is the pits "it well with the soul" is good. The writer penned the words as the ship was sinking!

Ms Gwen

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