1. Anyone in the mood for another rant/pet peeve? Here it is: When the person ahead of me in line at Subway orders a sandwich that contains pickles and/or tuna fish, and the pickles and/or tuna fish get all over the plastic gloves of the sandwich artist, and then the sandwich artist does not change the gloves before handling my delicate veggie delite, and therefore gets nasty tuna fish and pickle germs all over it. Blech. I'm not near the picky eater I used to be, but I draw the line at tuna fish and pickles.

2. I'm slowly catching up on e-mails. It's hard when I can't take mini-work breaks to do so, but a g-mail block is a g-mail block.

3. Speaking of the job: I continue to like it so far. After feeling like a bumbling newbie at so many things for the last two years (teacher, bookseller, memoir-editor, Relay For Life PR person, etc.), it's nice to settle into work that I know I can do. I still have a learning curve (the subject I'm writing about, getting used to FrameMaker, reacquainting myself with RoboHelp), but the main part of the job--the part where I take complex information and make it easy for normal people to understand--is old hat.

This is all I have time for now. Hope everyone has a lovely Thursday.


Joan said…
I have a pet peeve at Brueger Bagels. They use a damp towel to wipe the cream cheese off their knives. How germ ridden is that?

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