So Close ...

I'm proofing the last six chapters of the formatted text (of Jan's book) tonight and tomorrow.

Then my job is done.

Y'all are really going to like it.

Yes, Sherry, it's okay to end a sentence with a preposition. At least I think so. Particularly if, by not ending it with a preposition, you end up with some really weird and twisted-sounding sentence, like "You are a good friend out with whom I like to hang." Stuff like that. :)

Time for bed.

P.S. I still like my new job.


Sherry said…
Actually, you should submit that example to Hallmark's cards for English teachers. You might even get paid for it!
Waterfall said…
Ha! It was actually on a card that was given to me by my friend MB back in college, back when I was a mere budding young grammar nerd.
Anonymous said…
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