Performing Surgery on Ch. 16

I wanted to perform surgery on Chapter 16 yesterday but kept getting interrupted. By the end of the day, I was in a very bad mood because I had let those interruptions repeatedly take me away from my writing. So I performed some surgery for a couple of hours last night and will continue to do so this morning. I have a million things to do today, so I'll do as much as I can right now.

This has been a hard chapter to write. I can't help but think that it wouldn't be so hard I'd been a little ruder to everyone in these past weeks, and a little more protective of my dwindling time to write.

Three more days until I become a Corporate American.

Two hours later: Surgery is over. I don't know how successful it was. I'm going to take care of some non-writing responsibilities for a couple of hours, and then come back to Chapter 16 at little later, to see if it "takes" or not.


Linda said…
I know what you mean. How does one juggle work and social stuff? Can it be done successfully?

so did chapter 16 "take"?

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