I am a Corporate American

Today I re-entered the world of Corporate America.

I have a nice desk in a nice cubicle. I'm working with nice people. In one day, I made more money than I would would have made working three Sundays at the bookstore.

The dress code is casual and the company is flexible about when employees show up and when employees leave.

It's a good situation. I haven't started actually working yet; today was kind of a "get acquainted" day. It was good not to be stressed right off the bat ... but around 2:00 I found myself itching for some work to do.

They've assured me that I'll be extremely busy for the next few weeks. I've even been given my first deadline, though I won't be able to start on the project until after a meeting on Wednesday.

I'm happy to have a job, and insurance, and all that. I'm happy that I'm working at a good company with good people.

Still, I'm a little sad. The past year of my life (my teaching job ended almost one year ago to the day) has been one of great contentment and happiness for me. Things changed today: I started a new job, and Hubster's summer camp season started. All at the same time. I'm entering a new phase, and it's going to be a good phase, but there is still the sadness of "moving on."

There's the excitement, too. I'm just feeling melancholy tonight.


Aaron said…
Welcome to the corporate playground! Take all the 'get acquainted' days you can get - pretty soon you'll be looking for them!

Just think of this as a new challenge in your life - I'm sure it'll bring you great things!

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