Day Two of Corporate American-hood

5 am: Woke up, started working on the novel. Also did some work on Jan's book. Took periodic breaks to pet the cat and get more coffee. Washed, dried, and folded a load of clothes. Got dressed for work. (We can wear jeans at this company!!)

7 am: Left for work. Listened to NPR and Bach.

8 am: Arrived at work. Did exciting things like comparing QuickRef cards I found on the internet.

9 am: Got a cool ergonomic keyboard because I had complained that my old keyboard had a peanut butter & jelly sandwich beneath the keys. I could see all the crumbs, and all the keys were sticking.

10 am: Complained that my cool (but used) ergonomic keyboard had even more crumbs (however less stick) than the previous keyboard. Was given a high-pressure crumb-blower thingy. Cleaned the keyboard, then attacked said keyboard and desk with Clorox wipes.

11 am: Had a meeting with my two bosses. Learned that all documentation is FrameMaker, a program I'm not very familiar with. I swear I don't remember them saying that in the interview. And wouldn't I remember something like that? The good news is, my friend Snickles is a FrameMaker expert and will be reacquainting me with FrameMaker for a few hours this weekend. I'll be a FrameMaker whiz kid by the time they install the software on my computer.

11:30 pm: Met with a co-worker to discuss some documentation I'm going to be writing over the next week or so. Learned the basics of the software I'll be writing the user guide for. Played with the software and took preliminary documentation notes for a while.

12:40 pm: Went to a local church to ask about borrowing one of their pianos during lunch hour. Had a bit of a reunion with a woman I'd met when I was two or three years old. She and her husband had served at my parents' church back in the very early 1970s and had adopted their kids from the same agency my parents used.

1:10 pm: Went to a coffee shop around the corner from my job. (Yes! There is a coffee shop around the corner from my job! And it has free WiFi!) Checked e-mail. Chilled.

1:40 pm: Back to work. Played with the software some more. Made more notes. A few hours later, I had a very specific and complete outline of the documentation, which I'll actually start writing tomorrow after I've gone over it with the developer.

2:30 pm: Got a brand new ergonomic keyboard. Said goodbye and good riddance to the crumbs of the old ergonomic one.

5:00 pm: Helped a co-worker figure out some stuff in Word. I am a Word SME. Who knew?

5:30 pm: Drove back to my neck of the woods. Went straight to gym. Realized I'd forgotten my gym shorts. Went to Wal-Mart. Tried on several pairs of $8 gym shorts and bought two. Went back to gym. Ran four miles.

7:30 pm: Got home. Said hello to herbs, peppers, and 'mater patch. Made veggie pasta with broccoli, cauliflower, and cherry tomatoes. Ate. Put stuff in containers so I can bring lunch to work. Checked e-mail. Blogged.

Now it's 9:45 pm and George has been silent all night. I'm taking my music books with me to work tomorrow for Day 1 of practicing at the church.

Time for a shower and some sleep.


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