Day 4 of Life in Corporate America

I'm cautiously optimistic.

I forgot that it was possible to have a job in which you (1) are happy with the work you do, and (2) are paid something close to what you think you're worth.

Right now, I have one of those jobs.

I spent the whole day writing a small manual for programmers. I got to write it from scratch. I love writing tech documents from scratch. It allows me to be creative.

It looks like there is going to be a lot of room for creativity in this job, for several reasons. One, I'm the only tech writer and don't have to follow some pre-determined "group style" of developing documentation. Two, a lot of stuff--like this programmers' manual--needs documentation to be written for the first time. Three, the current user guides for the signature software need some work, and I'm the one who gets to revise, rewrite, and recreate. Four, I get to learn lots of new software.

Life is still good.


eArThworm said…
I'm hoppin' up an' down yellin' "yippee!"

P.S.: Are you working in Asheville somewhere? Next time I'm up visiting my son, I'd love to stop and visit a bit, if you're close by. ~~ ew

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