Time Carved Out

Welp, it's 3:19 p.m. and I need to be at Relay no later than 5:30. I should actually be there earlier, seeing as I'm on the committee and all, but I'm here at Panacea, taking advantage of the almost two hours I have to work on my novel.

No, I'm not editing.

I'm not tech-writing.

I'm not doing Relay stuff. No press releases, no phone calls, no interviews, no articles.

I'm not making dinner, or washing clothes, or vacuuming.

I'm not lifting a finger for anyone else right now.

Chapter 15 has lain dormant for several weeks now, the longest a chapter has remained untouched since I started this novel.

I told myself I would get everything done that I needed to get done, and then I would use whatever I had left of the afternoon for my novel. And for me.

So. I have approximately one hour and forty minutes to write. Best I get started now. Because, starting at 6:00, I'm going to be up for twelve hours while Relay For Life teams walk around a track all night.

Time to write.


Like you, I am having trouble carving time out of an already full day for writing. I applaud your tenacity, your dedication to the task. An hour and 40 minutes is better than nothing at all. Keep writing!

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