Friday's issue of our local paper included a special section on cancer, in preparation for the big American Cancer Society Relay For Life events coming up this month. I did a lot of work for the issue, mostly interviewing and writing. I met some amazing people in the process. You can read some of their stories at the following links.

Joshua Gidcumb Fought Cancer in the Trenches--and Won

Skin Cancer: A Small Mole Turns Deadly

Skin Cancer: A Success Story

One Man in Six Will Get Prostate Cancer

I hope you are as moved by these stories as I was.


Linda said…
These stories are overwhelming. Especially Joshua's–what a wonderful idea his family had. Now I understand why you were spending so much time to volunteer with this project.
p.s. Oh by the way, you're an incredible person.
platitudinal said…
Thank you for providing us the links to these stories, Nina. It is touching and inspiring to hear their stories. They are special people with indomitable spirits and great faith. While my experiences with cancer had been like the Massie family, it is (so) very good to hear about those who survived it. My prayer for them is they will continue to be cancer free.

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