Silly, Stubborn Chapter 16

Aarrgghh. And to think 16 is one of my favorite numbers in the whole numbabet.

The first pass of Ch. 16 was a bloated 4,800 words. Second pass: about 2,500 words. Third pass: I'm down to 1,008 words. I've taken out a heap of unnecessary rambling, and then tightened the material that was left over. And now it's time to build a brand-new 2/3 of the chapter.

Part of me really wants to re-read the draft of the entire novel so far (which I've never done), just so I can regain a sense of continuity that I've lost in the last couple months of freelance and Relay business. But then, part of me wants to push on.

So, I'll push on. I'm planning to spend all day tomorrow (my penultimate day of *not* being an official Corporate American!) doing further surgery on Chapter 16. So, if you try to call or e-mail and I don't answer immediately, you'll know why.


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