Next Steps

Life is about to change drastically ... again.

I'm getting tired of drastic changes. I haven't wanted drastic changes. Yet here I am, once again, on the cusp of a new job.

The bookstore was great, except for the fact that (1) I needed to make more than I was making, and (2) I'm really not cut out for work that requires me to interact with people all day long. I think part of the reason I loved it so much this winter was that it was the non-tourist season and the days were long and slow and quiet.

I'd sent a resume to Technical Company several months back, and they contacted me in March. Would I still be interested in a tech writing position?

I thought about it. A lot. Did I want to re-enter the world of technical writing? Sure, I'd checked periodically to see what was available in our little corner of Carolina, but Asheville isn't exactly a tech writer's mecca. A few hours east of here, yes. Asheville and places west? No.

So I didn't really expect a tech writing position to open up. When one did, I jumped on it. So when they called me for an interview, I thought, "What the heck. Might as well interview."

In the course of the interview, I thought to myself, "Hmm. This sounds like a job I would like. Technical Company doesn't seem like a Cubicle-Land company.

When I went to Technical Company Proper for Interview #2, I told them how, in no uncertain terms, I did not want to be at another Cubicle-Land job. (By "Cubicle Land," I don't necessarily mean I don't want to work in a cubicle; I mean that I don't want to be part of a company where no one communicates with anyone else, and where frustration ensues and lots of time and money are wasted as a result.)

The more I talked to my interviewers, the more comfortable I felt. I actually got excited at the prospect of working for Technical Company. The job actually sounded fun. I left Interview #2 thinking, "I really want this job. I am made for this job. A creative person/tech writer combo is just what they need."

Apparently, the folks at Technical Company thought so, too. They offered me the job. I start the first week of June.

I'll have a $commute$. I'll work long days during the busy times. I'll spend quite a lot of time staring at a computer.

I'll also have a salary and benefits. It's been a while since I've had those.

I'm excited about the job, but I'm a little scared. I'm not scared that I won't be good at the job; I know I will. I'm confident of that. I'm scared of the following:

- Neglecting my novel
- Neglecting George the Piano
- Neglecting my health
- Neglecting the Hubster
- Neglecting home & hearth

I'm an all-or-nothing person, and I'll have to work very hard to achieve balance between a busy job and all of the other priorities. I don't yet know what I'll have to cut out, if anything. All are so important.

So, that's my next step. More later.


Kim said…
As my kids get older, many people ask me what I'm going to "do" when they're all out of school. Everyone naturally assumes that I will go into the workforce, but I hesitate to even think of that for the reasons you mention: I don't want to neglect my home and hubby. Even if my children are fairly independent, making a home is still a priority for me.
Laura said…
Congratulations on the job - the salary and benefits PLUS getting some job appreciation from nice people (sounds like they're nice, anyway) might make it all worthwhile. And if they don't, let it go. Hey, life's just a grand experiment, anyway!
Waterfall said…
Kim: When I was teaching last year, I neglected home, Hubster, and health ... and realized that it was no way to live. It's so important to have the priorities in order. I think I'll be better at the balance thing this time around. We learn from our mistakes, and I made a host of them last year!

Laura: Thanks! I have a good feeling about this job!
Jammie J. said…
That job sounds like a great opportunity. Change and new things are always a bit scary. And, hey, if you start to feel unbalanced and overwhelmed, it's not like you can't, you know, quit...
sakthi said…
Job seems to be have lot of opportunity to interact with new peoples,So grab it in two hands and by the way assisting them learn from them...Initially you perhaps feel uncomfortable but it'll vanish after some days..Wish you for the successful journey...
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