Frivolous Post

So I’m in working in downtown Asheville for two weeks as a tech writer, or a style editor, or a consultant, or something like that. Most of what I’m doing isn’t computer based; I’m style-editing hard copies of numerous user guides, SysAdmin guides, and software installation guides.

I’m really good at this. It seems like an odd thing for a creative-writing person to say, but it’s true. I’m a top-notch style editor. (Please, ignore any typos in this blog! I don’t edit it very closely these days.)

Anyway, I ambled down to Malaprop’s this afternoon to do some away-from-the-office editing. I sat down at one of the little coffee-shop tables and edited my eyes out for about two hours.

(Oh, how I miss my novel. Tomorrow is novel day. No contract/consulting work tomorrow. Four hours at the bookstore, a couple of hours of running, and the rest of the day will be devoted to the novel.)

Anyway, after I finished editing, I decided to stroll through the bookstore. Of course, I look at bookstores completely differently now that I’ve worked at one.

And I look at them even more completely differently now that I’m going to have a paycheck again.

Friends, it’s been so long since I’ve had a paycheck. I’ve had jobs since my last tech-writing stint, but nothing that ever paid very well. I’ve become used to wearing the same old clothes, never eating out, using the library as my primary book supplier, and never buying anything “frivolous.”

(Catnip isn’t frivolous. Neither are Whisker Lickin’ Cat Treats.)

(Medication is frivolous. So is health insurance. Fortunately, I’m now able to afford both, now that I’ll be able to buy frivolous things again.)

So guess what I did at Malaprop’s today …

I bought books! (Frivolous? Not frivolous? You be the judge.)

I just bought two books, both of them fiction. It was thrilling. I am definitely better at book-buying than I am at book-selling.

I probably should have waited until I got that first paycheck, but … nah. Life is too short.


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