Finally Wrapping Some Things Up

This weekend is the final Relay weekend for Haywood County. Tonight is the final pre-Relay committee meeting.

I finished my Cubicle Land consulting job today and mailed off a nice little invoice.

I finished editing the Acknowledgements, Foreword, and Epilogue for Jan's book. All I have left is the Introduction.

I drafted the "wrap-up" article for Relay 2007 so that I'll only have to fill in figures and quotes once the Canton Relay is over.

I finished Chapter 15 of my novel (finally!) and will start making notes on Chapter 16 tomorrow.

I'm very tired. May has been a crazy month. I knew it would be. I'm ready for a bit of R & R (Rewriting and Revising, ha ha) for the next couple of weeks before starting my new job.

Additional R & R for these next couple of weeks: Running and Reuniting with George.


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