Adventures in Nitpicking

OK, so I’m not really picking nits. I’m being pretty darn nitpicky, though. But that’s OK. I’m being paid to be nitpicky.

Should this word be capitalized? Should it be italicized? Bolded? Were em-dashes used in this manner in the previous set of steps? Here is a reference to “Phase II.” Wasn’t it written as “Phase 2” on page 36?

Sometimes the documentation has “feet/meters,” and sometimes it has “feet or meters.”

In the same paragraph.

The horror! The horror!

A hyphen was used incorrectly! That should have been an en-dash!!!

Oh, the horror!

Alas, all is not lost! But …

The spaces between lines in this bulleted list are smaller than the spaces between lines in the previous bulleted list … and they are both the same “level” of list.

How can this tech writer live with herself?! How does she sleep at night?!?

Seriously, I’m editing the work of a really good tech writer. It’s a relief when stuff like the above is all you can find to mark in a document.

It’s called polishing to a sheen. Otherwise known as editorial nitpicking.

This is a temporary job. I’m having fun.


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