Where I've Been

We've had company for a week. I've been busy, busy, busy with Relay For Life. Life is good, but there hasn't been much time for reflection. Hoping to get a well-deserved "me day" on Saturday. Until then, my posts will continue to be spotty nearly non-existent.

Meanwhile, enjoy these lovely pictures of our family, compliments of La Camera de la Stitches.

Here's Hideaway, looking beautiful and backlit.

Here's Beau. It's so tempting to want to pet the little wild thing, isn't it. DON'T LET HIM FOOL YOU!!

And here are the proud parents: Hubster and me, all dressed up for Easter.

Back to work!


Stacey said…
Is it stupid that I totally waved at the screen when I saw the picture of you and Dan?

I miss my family!!!
platitudinal said…
What a lovely couple you are :)

*Nina, your smile is beatific … coming straight from a contented heart.
Ms. George said…
Beautiful picture, and a belated Happy Easter!
I hope you fared ok with the weather. We were pounded here in the Northeast.

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