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This is my 1,551st post. Wow.

I've been in over my head, through complete and total fault of my own, but I've also been turning out some work (writing-wise) that I've been really proud of. I haven't been blogging, but I have definitely been writing up a storm. Most of it has been for Relay For Life, but about 30 pages worth of it has been for my novel.

Haywood County's Relay For Life events will be May 11-12 and May 18-19. Until then, this blog will probably continue to collect dust.

Once they're published, I'll provide links to the articles I've been writing. So check back in another week or so. If you don't check back before then, I'm pretty sure you won't miss anything!

P.S. I'll take a short break from writing this afternoon ... to run 14 glorious miles!


Running and writing--what a life! (Can you tell that I envy you?)
Gannet Girl said…
Fourteen miles in WNC? How good is that !?!
Laverne Lavergne said…
Baby, you need to take a break from your relay of a life and sit down and have a mimosa.
Waterfall said…
CTG: And I envy your paycheck and the fact that you're able to find so much joy in teaching, year after year!

Gannet Girl: Actually I ran out of time and only ran 8. Pooh. I was really looking forward to that 14-miler.

Laverne: You know, you're right. How about tomorrow, 10 a.m., at Ghentry's? I think I'll have time for a 5-minute mimosa between laps.

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