Happy Adoption Birthday To Me

Welp, 37 years ago today Mrs. Gwen and Mr. Hugh picked me up from Sellers' Baptist Home (or something like that) and took me home to live with them. They hugged me and kissed me and named me Waterfall. (Hey, it was 1970. People gave their kids those kinds of names back then.)

Just kidding. They didn't really name me Waterfall.

Anyway, here's a poem I posted a couple of years ago on my adoption birthday. Enjoy, if you haven't already.

P.S. Note to Mrs. Gwen and Mr. Hugh: You probably don't want to click the link above. Since you're in the process of moving out of the house you've been in since 1972, you'll probably get emotional and decide not to sell the house after all.

P.P.S. Yes, it's OK to sell the house.


Jammie J. said…
My husband was adopted. Every year on his adoption day, he got to use the Special Plate for every meal. Because they called his Special Day. I thought that was so sweet. :)

Happy Adoption Day. :)
platitudinal said…
Happy Adoption Day! :)

*Love your poem.
Gannet Girl said…
Happy Adoption Birthday, Dear Waterfall!
violet said…
Hope you had a happy day, Waterfall. It's good to come here and find you smiling. ;)
Laura said…
Happy belated adoption day! Sorry you're laboring in cubicle-land. Hope you earn some good money for your time and break out of there soon!

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