Writing/Editing Update

I'm coming up for air. But just for a moment. I'm eager to plunge back into the words, but wanted to post an update, both for my family members who are wondering where I've disappeared to, and for you bloggers whose blogs I visit on a regular basis but haven't visited in at least a week.

It's all because I've been writing. And editing.

Friday night: We got the draft of Jan's book out to the proofreaders and fact-checker. We've been getting some responses from the proofreaders and from the publisher, all very positive.

Saturday night: I finished Chapter 8 of my novel and sent it to the Ink-Clad Diva (my draft-reader). Again, a very positive response, which I got this morning with all the other positive responses on Jan's book. What a wonderful way to start the week!

Sunday: I'd been needing to revamp my novel's outline for some time now, and I spent most of Sunday doing just that. I felt like a real writer, hidden away in my garret sunroom, hunched over my sheafs of parchment laptop, scribbling clicking and scribbling clicking and scribbling clicking away.

Writing is getting harder as my story gets more complex. I know what's going to happen (sort of) and when (sort of) and why (sort of), but the more I write the more exacting I become, the more I expect of myself. Kind of like my inner critic/cheerleader is saying, at the end of each chapter and with the start of a new one, "Now, top THAT!"

I am so up to the challenge.

I love writing. I love it, I love it, I love it.


Linda said…
YAY Waterfall!

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