Update on Everything, II: Writing & Work

2. Writing: I'm working on Chapter 10 of my novel. I sent Chapter-9-which-is-really-Chapter-8 to my reader, the Ink-Clad Diva, and worked on Chapter 10 for much of the day today. I had social events to go to tonight, but I was so "in the moment" in my writing that I didn't want to break the spell. Now I didn't actually get any part of Chapter 10 written; but I wrote the outline. And reworked the outline (again) of the whole novel.

This book is getting harder and harder to write. I'm getting tired of it, and I'm starting to get bored by the story. That's why I need to revisit the whole-book outline regularly: to remind myself where I'm going. But even then, I find myself thinking, "Oh, how trivial. Do I really want to include that? Do I really need to narrate every little second between when she gets out of the car and walks to the front step?" Sometimes I do, but not always.

Then I have a parallel plot that reared its pretty head in Chapter-9-which-was-originally-Chapter-8. And I wonder: How much of a role should the parallel plot play this early in the novel? It's going to become more important later on, but I don't want my reader to pay that much attention to it until it does become important.

And then I find myself writing phrases that sound wonderfully poetic to me. I immediately think, "Wow, Waterfall! That was good!" Then I realize I'm using some version of a line from some poem: "She had known them all, known the demi-tasses with their tiny handles," or ""Her grief had grown deep like the river." Duh. I guess it's a good thing to have the poetry of T.S. Eliot and Langston Hughes rattling around in my head, but I sure hope my editor, whoever he/she is, is able to tell me which words are mine and which are inadvertently picked up from Great Writers.

4. Work: Life at the bookstore is going quite well. I still love it. We've had to cancel the "Creative Writing for Teens" class because not enough people signed up. Yes, I was disappointed, but I also realized today that I now have my next six Sunday afternoons off. Woo hoo! This summer, I think I'm going to facilitate an "Artist's Way" workshop for adults.


Ms. George said…
The 'Artist's Way' sounds awesome. If only I lived in Asheville...

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