Update on Everything, I: Family & Friends

[I actually got two e-mails saying that this post was too much to comment on. So I'm breaking it up. If you want to comment, by all means do so! I haven't been very good about responding in the comment boxes lately, but I do read and appreciate all comments!]

So, if you're one of my ten remaining readers, then you're probably wondering what exciting activities I've been up to (other than the wedding) in the last few weeks. Here's a quick run-down.

1. Family: I've been big into the sibling-visiting thing. Last weekend was of course Jonathan's wedding, and I got to see him and Rebecca both. Then I spent yesterday with Brother Nent and went on a walk with Sister Mu.

5. Friends: I've come into contact with several "prickly people" lately: people who are particularly passive-aggressive, or angry, and always seem to get rubbed the wrong way, no matter what anyone says. I mentioned something about the northeast having a particularly cold winter and found myself somehow on the verge of a rather tense debate on global warming (something I know very little about certainly not enough to engage in a debate). The point is, I was trying to make polite conversation about the weather, and the prickly young woman to whom I was talking interpreted my polite conversation as a chip-on-the-shoulder political statement. And that's just one example of the prickly people I've encountered lately.

Maybe it is the weather. Anyway, all of this prickliness has made me prickly. It's made me have bad dreams. So I spent most of today all alone, writing and praying and meditating. It helped. And I'm going to try to be more sympathetic to the prickly people.

9. Hubster: Sexiest. Man. Alive.

10. George the Piano: Most. Neglected. Man. In. This. House. Poor old George.


Linda said…
I wish I wish I wish I could sign up for your Artist's Way workshop!
Ms. George said…
I like your description of 'prickly people.' I might start using it in favor of 'toxic people' which is what I usually use.
Yeah, poor old George. Why, you used to tickle his ribs all the time. I bet he misses you!
dulciana said…
Sorry about the prickly folks. They always poke holes in the best moods, too.

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