Two Posts in One Day!

Imagine that. Actually, I'm taking a little procrastination break, and this is going to be a post full of thises and thats. It's a gorgeous day outside and I should be hiking, or running, or something, but I'm sitting in my coffee shop (at least I have a window seat) and working.


I'd planned to devote much of the day to Jan's book, but I'm actually at a stopping point now. So I'll return to my much-neglected-of-late novel. I'm about 2/3 of the way through Chapter 8, and I think Chapter 9 will go quickly because I've been composing it in my mind for weeks.


I did run yesterday. 7.7 miles. I want to run three more today. I love running.


Our little fellow, Beau, has a laceration in his ear. It smells horrible. All that necrotic tissue and bacteria. We are calling him "Stinky Ear." I took him to the vet several days ago, and now he's on antibiotics. I'm also putting peroxide and neosporin on our little bobcat's bo-bo. He's not feeling well. I feel sad for him. Oh, and he's picking at the bo-bo and eating the scabs. He'll get no face-kisses from me these days!

The guilty party in this laceration case? A big, mean dog who belongs to the family next door. They haven't been locking it up or leashing it during the day, and now our little fella is terrified to go outside and instead stays inside and scratches up our carpet and walls between bo-bo scab snacks. I told the people they needed to keep their dog tied up or otherwise leashed at all times--not only does the dog terrify the little fella, but it's county law.

So they started keeping it chained (a long chain) to a post in their garage. And now I feel sorry for the vicious thing. But it could kill Beau. So if I find it loose again, I'm calling the pound to come talk to them. And if that happens, and I then find it loose again, I'm calling the pound to come pick it up. I don't want it to come to that. But I'm more scared of that dog than Beau is. It's one of those growling, snarling, teeth-bearing creatures ... .


I'm going to be teaching a creative-writing workshop for teens at the bookstore, starting in a couple of weeks (if anyone signs up, that is). I couldn't figure out what book to require, so I didn't require one. Anyone have any ideas? I was leaning toward Gardner's The Art of Fiction and, of course, reliable old Strunk and White. But I don't want the Sunday-afternoon workshop to feel like it's just More School. I am not crazy about Lamott's Bird by Bird for teenagers, and I like Writing Down the Bones but am not sure how all the references to Buddhism would go over in this, one of the most Christian counties of the most Christian state of the most Christian region of the most Christian country in the world. (I got that from Walker Percy.) Perhaps I am super-sensitive to that stuff.


So. Those are my thises and thats. More later.


Rose said…
I like teaching from an anthology and giving assignments taken from the pieces. "You've got to Read This"is particularly good for fiction:

For poetry, The Discovery of Poetry, by Frances Mayes is great. It combines exercises with lots of example poems:

Good luck!

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