Starting Chapter 11

I crashed after Chapter 10. Big time. Friday night, I went to bed at 7:00. Saturday I had to work, then went to a social event Saturday night. It was fun, but my poor introverted soul has not had nearly enough alone-time lately, and I was still processing Chapter 10. So I crashed yesterday. Didn't go to church, cancelled lunch with my friend, cancelled tennis with my other friend, didn't even go hiking, even though it was a beautiful day and a perfect day for being outdoors. Didn't even do my long run.

I slept. I nursed a splitting headache. (No, I wasn't hungover.) I played a little bit of piano, but I barely even had the energy for that. I caught up on some e-mails throughout the day. I petted the cats. I didn't have the energy for much more.

So now it's Monday morning, and I'm rested and ready to start Chapter 11. I have a million other things to do today, but it's not a bookstore day and the novel is first priority this morning. So ... onward to Chapter 11!


dulciana said…
I've only experimented with fiction and certainly haven't written enough of it to equal 10 chapters of a novel, but I think I can understand how it's depleting you. I wrote 3 chapters of a not-very-good book when I began to understand just how much each of my characters was drawn from some aspect of my own personality, even though not one of them was completely me. One of them suddenly did something shocking - I didn't plan it, it just happened. Even though I would never do what that character did, somehow, I felt spooked that my brain had even conceived of it! I think I'm still processing the experience - I haven't gone back to the book in months. So, it seems perfectly understandable to me that you ended up taking off a day to recover - a day seems short!
Waterfall said…
Dulciana: Yes, it can be scary, the things we come up with. Some of my characters have committed some major sins, were these people real, would wind them up in prison for life. It's scary to think that I can imagine some of this, much less write it and [shiver] identify with it. Rather unsettling, it is.

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