Chapter 11: Done

When I wrote the outline for Chapter 11, I finished it with this:

"End chapter with R___ saying some sort of Intriguing Thing."

I had no clue what the Intriguing Thing would be. I just wanted to end it Intriguingly. If my story has been like a corridor through a house, I want my reader to finish that chapter suddenly thinking, "Whoa. I thought there was only this one corridor. Is this ... another door?"

I am not a reader of mysteries. At least I haven't been in my adult life. So it's rather odd that my novel is displaying elements of mystery and suspense.

I don't want to yank my dear reader around with contrived suspense. Perish the thought. No Da Vinci Code for me, thank you very much.

But at the same time ... suspense in fiction is necessarily contrived. And I don't want a novel that's so weak in conflict that no one can get past the first few chapters.

In any case, I'm glad to be finished with the Chapter 11 draft. I wasn't completely happy with the Intriguing Thing (it sounds a bit too contrived), but then again, this is only a draft.

I'll spend time tomorrow drafting the outline for Chapter 12, then get started on the actual draft early next week.

I'm almost halfway through with the draft!!


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