Another Nine Hundred Words

Welp, this morning I added 900 more words to my draft. I also added about an hour's worth of backstory to my outline, more backstory that needs to be there but will only have a minor part in the novel.

I'm about halfway through Chapter 11. It looks like the book will have 24 chapters, give or take a couple.

I just wanted to thank all of you who are reading my rather bland little updates and encouraging me as I continue to write. For all you know, I may be a decent writer but a horrible novelist, with no hope of ever getting published or read or respected.

But lucky for me, I'm optimistic enough to think that what I'm writing is going to be well worth reading. So I'll keep plugging away and updating all who care to know my progress.

Time for a break, then back to work.


Jammie J said…
I enjoy your updates on your novel. I'm not always sure what to comment, but I do enjoy reading them. :)
Waterfall said…
Thanks, Jammie J!

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