Writing and Re-writing Gradue

Yesterday morning I wrote about three pages of my novel. Writing wasn't going well, and I was unhappy with most of what came out, but I plowed on anyway.

Then I went to work. I had a long work day yesterday at the bookstore. I took a half-hour for lunch. Sat at the little table, ate lunch, and wrote in my notebook.

After that awful morning of writing awful, bad prose, I found myself coming up with all sorts of realizations.

That's how it works. I don't get "ideas" for the story so much as I get "realizations." I think, "Ohhh, so that's why he said what he did." Or, "Ohhh, so that's why my title felt so right."

I also got the realization that, indeed, my work yesterday morning was not going to make the second cut. It wasn't even staying in the first cut. I'd had my main character interact with a with a rather unsavory person that I'll call Mr. Grossman. Well, I realized later that Main Character was supposed to observe someone else interacting with Mr. Grossman. Everything changes when Main Character is the observer.

Having her watch the exchange also allows me to use the word "gradue" in the story without having it sound unnatural. I'd wanted to use it before, but it didn't sound right for the narrator to use a word like "gradue." Now it (the word, not the substance) comes from the lips of a LSU sorority girl from Crowley or somewhere. And I think it works this time.

I just love the word "gradue." I haven't thought about that word in a long time. But it's perfect for this scene.

Now I'm off to the bookstore for another full day of work. The grand re-opening is on Monday, and I'll be able to return to my usual writing/editing schedule then.


Jammie J said…
Yes! That stuff that makes new credit cards stick to paper, THAT is gradue! I love that you love unique words. :)
Hello Waterfall, Thanks for the note you left over at my blog. It's great to hear from another INFP and Carolinian! I've been in Ohio since 1987 but I grew up in Jacksonville, NC.
linda said…
But Waterfall, I thought it was spelled "gradoo."

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