Three Miles at 6 A.M.

I couldn't believe I actually woke up. 5:00 in the dark, cold morning, and I was awake and lacing up my running shoes.

I want this to become a habit.

I normally run at 4 p.m., but lately it seems I'm so busy in the afternoons that the run either gets pushed back to dinnertime, or it doesn't happen at all.

5:30 a.m. The gym opens at 5:30 a.m.

I managed to get there for six. Tomorrow, maybe earlier.

The 4 p.m. runs are typically energetic and good. My 6 a.m. run was a sluggish excuse for a run. At least it started out that way.

After a sluggish one mile, I sped up for a slightly less-sluggish second mile. For my third mile, I was to do intervals where I sped up for a minute, recovered, then sped up for another minute, several times in a row.

By the time I finished my third mile, I was toast. I used up all the energy I could muster. I didn't have the additional planned two miles in me. I (sluggishly) walked another half-mile as a cool-down, stretched, did a few ab exercises, and called it a day.

I left the gym at 6:45. Was home by 7:00--in time to wake up the Hubster with a cup of coffee.

I want this to become a habit. I guess my body will get used to the early-morning effort. It'll take some time, though!


Jammie J said…
When I was swimming the other day, a fellow swimmer was wearing a heart-rate monitor. He said that his observation is that the heart rate is slower in the mornings than in the afternoon/evenings. That might account for the sluggishness. Just a thought. :)

You could always go to Europe and adjust to their time. Then you'd find yourself awake, wide awake, at 5 AM every morning. :P I'm getting cheeky, aren't I?
Waterfall said…
Jammie: I just read your comment and thought, seriously, "Hm, now there's a good reason I shouldn't work out first thing in the morning." :)
Frank Baron said…
Yikes! I'm trying to force myself to walk for 20-30 minutes a day and I find it difficult.

I'll drop by here a little more frequently. Maybe I can guilt-trip myself into becoming more active. ;)
Joan said…
I started exercising first thing. I prefer later but too many things come up in the day which prevent me from working out. Good luck with forming your habit.

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