Short Break

I'm still here, dear readers, though I know I've probably lost a handful of readers over the past few weeks, since I haven't been blogging on a remotely regular basis. There are reasons for that. They're the same reasons that piano and running have taken a backseat in my priorities, too.

- Jan's book. Deadline was January. We're still not done. 'Nuff said.

- Bookstore. It's not paying me enough to bring home any bacon, but we do need the occasional bacon bits.

- Job hunt. I know. But man cannot live by bacon bits alone.

- My novel. It got lots of attention last week, but has been second in line after Jan's book. Jan's book really, really needs to get to press, or else all of the folks who pre-bought it are going to be really mad.

- Relay For Life. It's starting to gear up. Which means I have some gearing up to do as well, after a couple of relatively quiet weeks.

So, no blogging again until I get some of these responsibilities out of the way. But I do have pictures to share. Hopefully soon.


Apology for your absence accepted. I look forward to more scintillating commentary when you return.

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