The Second Coming, Tenth Time Around

I finished reading Lee Smith's Fair and Tender Ladies a couple of days ago. Wonderful book. I've had it on my book case for years but had never read it. I think the girly title was what kept me away. Well, I am a prejudiced doofus of the worst kind. I should never judge a book by its title. I loved this book. Its main character, Ivy Rowe, became a part of me. If I have time (ha), I'll write a book review later on.

You would think that a bookstore employee would read all of the latest novels. No. Not me. Unless I'm told I have to. I like reading new books occasionally, but I like re-reading old favorites even more. Which is why, despite a stack of newer and/or unread-by-me fiction on my bedside table, I picked up Walker Percy's The Second Coming last night. Why? No clue. I've read this book nine times if I've read it once. I knew I shouldn't read it yet again; there are so many good books out there that I haven't read. Yet I started re-reading The Second Coming, read about 20 pages, and felt like I was having coffee with an old and cherished friend whom I haven't seen in a a couple of years.

Also, Walker Percy is my novel-writing hero. Now that I'm working on a novel of my own, reading Walker is like sitting at the feet of a great master.

So I guess I'll be re-reading.

So ... are you, dear reader, one who prefers to read books you haven't read yet, or do you tend to keep going back to your old favorites? Or something else?


Paul Nichols said…
The answer to your question is "Yes." Sorry, I'm hooked on both. Like you?
Jammie J. said…
I generally don't re-read books, I generally don't re-watch movies. I feel like someone's repeating themself to me, like I didn't hear them the first time or something. It's a weird hang up I have.


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