I Think These Are Good Signs

I edited this morning, then took a break from Jan's book to re-visit the outline for my novel. My sole draft-reader, The Ink-Clad Diva, is clamoring for Chapter 7, which does not exist. I re-read the end of Chapter 6 last night and realized that it was truly cruel of me to end a chapter so suspensefully, particularly when the following chapter was a mere twinkle of a twinkle in the mind's eye at the time.

It's getting to be more than a twinkle of a twinkle. It grew to a full-fledged twinkle last night and is in rough-outline form as of a few minutes ago. But something funny is happening ... I keep meaning for chapters to be serious and introspective, but they keep turning out to be ... something else. Humor is coming out in the most unexpected places. Pathos is emerging where it wasn't intended, but ... it seems to be working for now. Characters are starting to take on lives of their own ... and I find myself laughing, or sympathizing, or simply raising my eyebrows at their antics. But I don't stop them. I feel like a babysitter who is letting the kids get a little rowdy, but is keeping an eye on them to make sure they don't get too out-of-hand.

So I think this is a good sign. If my characters were at all wooden at first, they're not any longer. They have life. They're crawling all over the place and getting into everything.

I'm in Chapter 7. Introductions are over. No more new characters. Now it's time to explore and further discover this (hopefully) dynamic little cast I've assembled. I'm excited about this.

I'm excited about writing. And not thinking of ways to procrastinate. Now that's a good sign.


Not even thinking a teensy-weensy bit about procrastinating? Wow! I'm impressed! Tell me your secret!
Joan said…
I love "twinkle of a twinkle".

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