This Old Thing?

My old hat is for sale! I wore this headpiece in 1988 as the "Maid of Fire" in a Mardi Gras ball.

And here I am in all my fiery glory.

Yes, I was an extremely shy, quiet person. Still am.

So ... do you think Clinton and Stacey would let me keep this outfit?


Oh, my! You want to sell this exquisite hat/outfit? Are you sure? I mean, can't you keep wearing it at Mardi Gras year after year?
Azazelo said…
Still am ???????
John Salmon said…
That's the kind of thing one wears to Mardi Gras to avoid attention.
Waterfall said…
CTG: I don't think that costume would fit me anymore! And I can't think of where I would wear such a fashionable thing here in Appalachia!

azazelo: Yup.

jeanette: So jealous you can't speak, huh? ;-)

John: I know ... I was a mere maid. Never got to be queen of the ball. Pooh.
Jammie J. said…
Words are still failing me.

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