So I Was Somewhat Productive

My novel now has a working title. If this were a nonfiction book, I'd announce the working title to everyone. But I'm feeling secretive about it right now. Why is that?

I went to a social function last night, and I have another social function to go to tonight. And I had another social function this morning.

Maybe that's why I'm so depressed. Too much sociability for this introvert.

Regardless, I must say this: working on my novel, and getting a title, did not lift me miraculously out of the encroaching depression. But it did help me feel like I could make it through the rest of the day.


John Salmon said…
Congrats on your progress with the novel!

It's a real journey of faith to take on something like this, and it's neat that you're doing so well with it. Keep it up!
violet said…
Ohhh, I will lift you to the Father.
eArThworm said…
Here's a hug. And no social function to have to attend to get it. :-)
Joan said…
I'll think I want a big social life but if I start to have too many things going on I'll either dread it or try to back out. I need my down time. I suffer from depression at times. That's when I really don't want to be social even when I know it might be the best thing for me.

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