Six Weird Things About Me

Amy tagged me a few days ago. I am to write six weird things about myself. It's taken me nearly a week to think of any. Here's the best that I could do:

1. Whenever I get scared or nervous, I mutter "Lulu Kitty, Lulu Kitty" under my breath. Like it's a mantra to calm me down. It kind of is. (I got Lulu Kitty when I was 14. She died when I was 30.)

2. Sometimes I hold my cell phone to my ear and pretend to be engaged in conversation, even though no one's on the other end. I do this only in public places when I don't want anyone to talk to me. (I don't know if this is weird. I think a lot of people probably do this.)

3. I think potatoes for breakfast are just ... wrong. Might as well have rice or pasta first thing in the morning. Yuck.

4. If I use the microwave or an "instant" mix, I feel like I'm cheating.

5. I was brainwashed by a guru an arrogant, misguided fundamentalist-Christian-megalomaniac type when I was 21. It's one of those "I-really-ought-to-write-a-book-about-this-someday" things.

6. Nearly every piece of clothing I own is blue. Even though my favorite color is purple.

If you decide to do the "Six Weird Things About Me" meme, let me know, and I'll link your list here!


Jammie J. said…
Does potatoes for breakfast include hash browns? Those are my favorite thing -- and those homestyle potatos. Mmmm. I don't know about this...

I used the lift the receiver of my phone at work at my last job just because every person who had a question for me were dumband they should have been able to figure it out themself. Ooops, did I say that?
Joan said…
I pulled my cell phone out when I was doing a trail run and pretended to talk. I had found myself in the middle of a race which I didn't know about. Somehow "talking" on the phone made me seem less like an idiot.
I just posted my six weird things. After reading them, I think I have OCD.
John Salmon said…
I posted my weird things. Man, I'm weird.
About your No. 4: When I was a kid, there was a little old lady who lived across the alley from us. Her name was Mrs. Durst. She would use packaged cake mixes, but she would always mix them with a spoon. Otherwise, she felt like she wasn't really cooking (or so my dad said). As I recall, she didn't even own an electric mixer. And, of course, this was long before microwaves (which, I'm sure, she would not have owned either).
Belinda said…
I mucked up the word verification on the first go, so this is my second attempt of writing this.

I don't have a blog, so I will write my weird things here. After reading this, you may change your mind as to sending me that book:

1) I cannot do anything in public unless I pretend that I am someone else. I often imagine that I am an actress getting ready for a part, or someone who is at the top of my field and has the confidence as such. In reality, I am a classic introvert with severe depression and large groups of people make me die inside.

2) I have a secret savings account and a locked drawer full of plans of documents regarding my wish-fulfillment dream of emigrating to Canada. No one, including my husband, knows about this.

3) Every time I try to go jogging I am felled by a sharp agonising pain in my collar-bone - if I do not stop, I pass out with the pain. I have had it since birth and do not have a clue what it is.

4) Rather like your number 4, I do not own a microwave, a cell phone, a television, a CD player, a car, an iPOD, or any technological implement invented in the last 20 years or so. I am a technophobe...aside from the Internet which I love.

5) Last friday night, I had a comment letter that I wrote read out on prime-time national radio in the UK. I wrote it under a pseudonym and noone knows it was me.

6) I despise the world of celebrity and Hollywood. However, I still check the People website religiously every day and I cannot fathom why. One of the many reasons why I hate myself.

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