Running Update

Yep, it's about time for a running update. Tomorrow is my first "long run" since the half-marathon last month. I'll run a whopping six miles at a nice, slow, leisurely pace.

I'm a little worried, though. This thigh/back thing keeps coming back. It hasn't kept me from running, but on the mornings after I run, I definitely feel it, particularly in my lower back. Here's what's really stupid: I'm scared to go to a doctor because I think she'll tell me I have to quit running. But I'm going to set up an appointment (again) next week. I promise.

I just love running. Tonight Deborah and I had double-chocolate cake with Rice Dream (after a dinner of salad, cornbread, and butternut-hominy stew). And I so enjoyed dessert because I knew I was going to run off most of it tomorrow.

Hub and I are planning a brrr-cold-weather backpacking trip in February, maybe to celebrate Valentine's Day. Running has made me so much stronger ... I'll be able to backpack up those hills with no effort at all. (Heh ... we'll see.)

Anyway, that's the running update. Have a good weekend, y'all.


And you have a good run, Waterfall! Let us know how it went.
Joan said…
I know what you mean about the doctor though I've found more sport minded doctors recently (for my son) who are pretty understanding. Good luck with your run. Be sure to take some pictures during your backpacking trip next month.
Marie said…
Don't fret, it could be something as simple as you are wearing the wrong kind of shoes for your gait...definitely go to the doctor but also, I highly recommend wearing a great set of insoles called, "Superfeet" After putting in a pair ( found at the Mast General Store around here) all my running ails disappeared. When I get a new pair of shoes and run without them, my problems return. Just a thought. Have a great run.
Belinda said…
Oh absolutely go to the doctor although I know that sickly sickly feeling on an imminent appointment very well and my thoughts are with you. I very much doubt that she would tell you to quit running altogether, but it is likely that she may tell you to take it easy for a while. Marie may be right with the insole thing and I hope that the problem is that simple. I'll keep my fingers crossed!

Is Rice Dream that rice-made milky drink that we have here in the UK as well? If so, you can have that with dessert? That sounds a fantastic idea!
Have you checked into Iyengar yoga yet? How many times do I have to reccommend it to you before you do it?

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