Relay For Life

Since I didn't have enough on my plate (ha), I've agreed to be the marketing chair for my county's Relay For Life efforts in 2007. It's a volunteer position, and I wasn't sure if I needed yet another unpaid job on my agenda, but I decided to take on the responsibility anyway, as a way of honoring Cyril Ann McBride and Steve Cavanaugh, both friends from Louisiana, both of whom lost their lives to cancer in 2006.

So, during the next four or five months, you'll see references to Relay For Life among my blog posts. I'll mostly be writing about Relay For Life from a newbie marketing person's point of view, but I'll also point you toward ways that you can help support the American Cancer Society through RFL efforts, if you're so inclined.

My RFL update for today should be titled "Stumbling and Bumbling." I'm a writer, not a phone conversationist, but a lot of this job so far has involved calling people up on the phone. Fellow introverts, you know what a joy it is to call complete strangers on the phone and discuss things that you yourself are just learning about.

It's going to get easier, though. I'm excited about playing a role in this effort. I'm making lots of contacts with news media, which is a good thing for this freelance writer. More importantly, I'm glad to be able to honor the memory of friends and family whose lives have been shortened by cancer.

Relay For Life is the major fundraiser of the American Cancer Society. You can read more about it here.


John Salmon said…
If you aren't already doing this, you know there's nothing wrong with taking notes of what you want to say before you make your calls. I know how hard "cold-calling" is, whether it's sales or volunteering.
The only way I'll order pizza is on the internet.

I have yet to call the woman whose kitty cats we're watching.

I have yet to call the woman who will be my cooperating professional for my practicum.

I have yet to call the insurance company to get my insurance cards.

I have yet to call the dentist to set up an appointment.

I understand how difficult it is to call people. I would never have taken that job. You are a saint.
Waterfall said…
John: Yes, I have to write down my "lines" first. It's still nervewracking!

Dawn: I know just what you mean. I'm nearly always late getting in touch with people because I'm too shy to call them already. I guess it was good that you worked at a pizza place in Louisiana ... we never had to call and order pizza.

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