Out O' Touch

Do I owe you e-mail? Probably. Have I commented on your blog lately, dear reader? Probably not. I am deeply sorry and humbly repent. I have no excuse, other than I'm never online. I have lots of things going on in the universe of my noggin, though.

For one thing, there's this Relay For Life thing. It's about two or three hours' worth of work each week, which is not much, but there's a lot to keep up with, between contact people news deadlines, events, etc. Even though the official kickoff isn't until Tuesday, this thing definitely kicked off for me several weeks ago.

Then I'm madly gathering things together for a proposal for which I'd be writing technical stuff on a contract basis. If we get the contract, that means I'll be working in Asheville, eight hours a day, five days a week, for part of the summer, doing technical writing work.

Things are slow at the bookstore, now that the halfbacks have flown south and the holidays are over. (Halfbacks are people from up north who retire to Florida, then buy a summer home in western North Carolina.) We start on inventory and some remodeling in another week or so. I'm looking forward to it. I also need to start planning the creative-writing workshop I'll be teaching here in another month or two. I almost forgot about that.

My novel is still in the works, though I've let writing jobs, the bookstore, and the holidays get in the way of it. Tomorrow I'm starting back on my three-hour-a-day fiction-writing schedule.

Piano is going well. Again, I've let non-piano things get in the way of it in recent weeks, but am settling into a regular piano schedule for 2007. Finally.

I've been cooking a lot of comfort-style food: ham-and-bean stew, chicken and dumplings, coffee cakes, and such. Tomorrow night I'm making a big pot of jambalaya. Hubster invited some friends over to watch the Ohio-Florida game. The introvert in me is terrified at the idea of having people over, but the cook in me is reassuring her that everything will be fine because the jambalaya will do all the talking for me.

We're almost finished remodeling the bathroom. It's taking forever. Mike the Plumber comes over tomorrow to tell us if the sink we bought will work in our bathroom. It might not.

We've thrown away a lot of stuff lately, and we've delivered several big bags to Goodwill. Hub and I have done a LOT of cleaning, organizing, and straightening out lately. It's amazing how we can accumulate so much junk. And my books are procreating again, I've discovered. I think it has something to do with the fact that I'm working at a bookstore.

I've been running short distances. I ran five miles a couple of days ago, the most I've run since the half-marathon last month. I'm ready to start building up my mileage again, though I don't feel any great desire to train for another race. I just want to run.

That's about it. I'm sorry to have been such a boring blogger, and such a horrible blog-reader of late. Things'll get better, I'm sure. More later!


joan said…
Love the expression "halfbacks" after living in the NC mountains for 4 years & now going there regularly when my husband is working there. I tend to get behind them on roads. They take the curves very slowly.
John Salmon said…
Five miles is a short distance? Oh my. I'd be dead at two. Remind me not to try to run 5.

You're really doing well lately. Keep it going! Being a "boring blogger" means you have a good life. That's a worthwhile trade any day.

Don't you wonder about the people who update their blogs ten times a day? They definitely need lives!
Waterfall said…
joan: You should come visit next time you're in the neighborhood!

John: I was dead at two ... the first few times I ran. Yes, it's funny how the interesting-ness of my blog is inversely proportional to the interesting-ness of my non-blogging life ...

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