Friday, January 19, 2007

Note to Belinda the Winner

Belinda, please e-mail me so I can get your address and send you your prize. Thanks!


  1. But I live in England! That will cost you millions of $ to send it across to me!

  2. Silly Belinda: So, are you saying I should just send the millions of $ in lieu of the book? It won't cost millions, so please let me send you a copy!

    Silly Linda: I'll have another contest soon. You'll have plenty of chances to win an exciting prize! Maybe you'll even win a potato.

  3. Are you sure?

    Ok, I'll send an email your way. If you could send the millions as well as the book, then I will not complain. If you throw the kit-kat in, then I'll be perfectly happy ;-)

  4. Contest? We have a contest and you could win $1000.